About Us

Noir Masae Couture is a clothing brand that is focused on creating pieces in a unique way that exudes elegance and confidence in a bold and powerful yet seductive way.

We pride ourselves on custom dresses, gowns and tops that are uniquely edgy. Noir Masae Couture encourages customers to embrace their allurement.

Launched in 2010, Noir meaning “Black” and Masae meaning “Blessed with Elegance”, created by Stacey-Ann Robinson, was formed to represent the power, elegance and sophistication each piece brings to each person. As mother of three, there has been some challenges balancing motherhood and building her brand but she still finds the motivation to keep her brand evolving and continues to persevere.

She constantly working to improve the quality of her brand, her business reputation and work ethic.

Noir Masae Couture has graced several fashion shows, magazines and has been worn by celebrities such as K Michelle, Winnie Harlow and Spice just to name a few.

The brand features both exclusive signature pieces created in small quantities and custom one-of-a-kind pieces to ensure exclusivity. As well as trendy boutique items.